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The Vault

Are you a heart led entrepreneur that feels overwhelmed by the thought of marketing your business, creating a content strategy and landing pages for your dream clients to find you?


You've been working from word of mouth referrals or inconsistent marketing on social media but you want to take your business to the next level creating more impact and more income but have no clue where to start?

Sometimes you feel like you spend more time working or creating infographics for social media than you do actually living and you deeply desire that work/life balance but you feel like you to do list is never ending?


You lack clarity and direction in your business making it hard to create goals?


You want to automate the tasks in your business that don't need you so you can spend more time doing the things that matter to you but you aren't "tech savvy?"

Struggling to navigate the complexities of digital marketing and the online component of growing your business, feeling like a fish out of water resulting in frustration and feelings of inadequacy?

The Vault is here to guide you to streamline your success, elevate your content and simplify your systems.

Let's grow together xo

You´ve landed on this page for a reason..

These are some of the most common problems women have when they first enter my world.

Sound familiar?

You're currently grinding way too hard for your income and missing out on doing the things you love

You feel like your business growth is stagnant

You don't currently have a beauty business but you know you don't want to be a slave too it

Your healthy work-life balance left the building long ago!

You see the digital world taking off but you have absolutely no idea where to start and feel overwhelmed so you avoid starting

Is this program for you?

✅ you feel overwhelmed with all the admin tasks of being an entrepreneur

✅ the idea of creating content to market your beauty services makes you feel sick and you spend hours, sometimes days writing one piece

✅ you want more time serving your clients than doing the behind the scene tasks

✅ you have passion in your beauty business but lack strategy and systems to support them

✅ desire a work/life balance and your beauty business to run effortlessly

✅ desire an online brand that attracts aligned clients with ease

✅ you want to transform your passion into a thriving business that generates income

✅ you have low self worth and know it affects how you show up for your business

✅ have lost motivation for you beauty business because everything feels so overwhelming and you want to simplify your strategy

✅ you lack confidence in pricing your offers and under charge seeing you barely break even

 ✅ you just wing it with your content only posting when you feel like it

If you're nodding along like fuck yes, then The Vault is your next bold step towards achieving your goals.

The transformation the vault can inspire

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🫶 confidence and a clear strategy in marketing your business so your dream clients can find you with ease 

🫶 learn how to build an online business that converts your followers into paying clients increasing your impact and income

🫶 the knowledge to use resources that will automate tasks in your business that don't need you allowing you a better work/life balance and your customers a streamlined customer journey

🫶 clarity in your business vision creating direction and aligned action transforming your business

🫶 an empowered and resilient mindset and self care practices to support balance and well-being as an entrepreneur

🫶 brand vision, recognition and clear mission and spending less time on creating content because of your strategies in place

🫶 clarity on who your business serves and resonance with your online audience 

🫶 systems and strategy that support your business generating income

🫶 offers that are priced by their value and impact and not by limiting beliefs


The Vault

streamline your success, elevate your content and simplify your systems



I´m so glad you asked, let´s break it down...


Self led course helping you to streamline your systems

New masterclasses & resources uploaded on the 1st of every month

Content strategies that works

Holistic approach merging business strategy with alignment and purpose

Detailed step by step videos

Learn how to build brand recognition that converts your followers to clients

I need this!

What is the vault?

The vault is a transformative space designed to empower entrepreneurs with holistic tools and strategies needed to thrive in today's digital landscape.

The vault  includes all masterclasses and short courses offered in the academy including our signature program Beauty Mogul Blueprint. The vault gives you immediate access to the four foundational modules in Beauty Mogul Blueprint that cover all key aspects of building a business that is transferrable to other industries + all of other Mindful HQs other masterclasses.

This exclusive space offers access to all our masterclasses in one place. You can purchase individual classes for $22,  Beauty Mogul Blueprint for $149.99 or purchase the vault gaining all that whilst enjoying new classes each month and a full year's access for a one off payment of $222.

From creating compelling content that resonates with your audience to implementing streamlined systems that optimize your workflow, this membership covers it all.

When you sign up you'll receive 12 months access to ALL current masterclasses and the new masterclasses and resources every month. We understand that things change fast, especially in social media marketing and strategies, and we want to ensure you have the latest knowledge.

The Vault will streamline your success, amplify your impact, increase your income, and help you create a business that aligns with your vision and values while nurturing your well-being and mindset.

With 7 years of experience as a full-time entrepreneur running both online and service-based businesses, this membership is an accumulation of all my lessons, hacks, and knowledge. It is designed to save you time, stress, and overwhelm, providing you with resources that you can immediately implement, knowing they work and will bring you results and business transformation.

What to expect?

Holistic Approach: Embrace a holistic approach to entrepreneurship that prioritizes your well-being and mindset. Dive into mindfulness practices, self-care techniques, and mindset work to establish a robust foundation for sustainable success.

Interactive Learning Experience: Engage in an interactive learning journey featuring video lessons, hands-on exercises, and downloadable resources, all designed to deepen your understanding and reinforce your skills.

Live support: Connect monthly for live coaching on our Q & A calls where you get to bring and workshop all your questions for your business and receive guidance and personalised support + connect live with other likeminded entrepreneurs.

Monthly Masterclasses: New masterclasses & resources are uploaded every month to ensure you have up to date knowledge .

Efficient Content Strategy: Learn a time-saving content strategy that guides you through planning and creating strategic content effortlessly.

Streamlined Systems: Gain confidence in optimizing your business structure by automating tasks with resources such as Notion, Stripe, Afterpay, Payment Plans, Jotform, Dropsign, Zapier, Canva, Mailchimp, Websites, Booking systems, Faceless content, Chat AI, and more.

Aligned Offers: Discover my proven rituals and processes for creating offers that resonate with your audience, enabling you to develop a suite of offerings aligned with your vision.

Business Vision Clarity: Obtain clarity in defining your business vision and effectively marketing it to your target audience.

Immediate access: Enjoy immediate 12 month access to a library of resources.

Transformational Results: Experience profound transformation as you implement the strategies and techniques learned in the course. Witness your business take off, your confidence grow, and your vision manifest into reality.

Authentic Branding: Learn how to create a brand that goes beyond aesthetics, resonating with  your audience and converting followers into loyal clients.

Currently in the vault:

Beauty Mogul Blueprint:

Within this immersive blueprint, dive into four key modules with a huge library of video lessons and hands on tutorials  covering niche clientele, personal branding, growth strategies, how to set up stripe, and the foundational elements of a successful beauty business. Uncover the secrets to identifying your ideal client, crafting a compelling brand narrative, and strategizing systems for sustainable growth in the competitive beauty industry.

Content Revolution Masterclass: 

Are you ready to level up your business with content that captivates, converts, and creates consistent income? Join our exclusive Content Revolution Masterclass where we'll transform your business through the power of strategic content creation, revolutionising the way you connect with your audience and take your brand to the next level!

Notion Masterclass:

 Leverage Notion, the all-in-one workspace, to streamline and optimize your business.  Learn how to create effective content calendars to grow your clientele list, manage tasks efficiently, and unlock the full potential of organization and productivity. 

How to set up stripe & Afterpay:

Learn how to offer stripe with Afterpay to your clients to make services accessible for clients without having to sign up directly with Afterpay.

Unique selling position & content pillars 101:

Learn all about your unique selling position a.k.a who your niche is in a holistic approach where we work with YOU as the niche, in this masterclass we also begin to explore content pillars so that you can start creating content that sells.

Coming to the vault:

How to use mail chimp, Create a 12 month business plan, What are content pillars, How to use zapier to set up automation in your business, Website editing 101, How to draft your online course, How to source suppliers using Alibaba, Social media - Bio, which channels should you focus on, algorithm, posting strategy, story strategy & so much more


Meet your coach

Hey there! I'm Mel, the heart and soul behind The Mindful Beauty Academy..


I am a devoted mother, partner, and entrepreneur, who has a passion for holistic wellness and all things beauty.

I built my own lash business Melibu Beauty Bar from the ground up with limited resources and limited beliefs in my capabilities. This business truely was more than just a business - it was crucial in helping me heal my unresolved childhood trauma, as I built this business up, I built myself up.

I created a successful beauty business within 2 years of launching and am now holding 13 specialised beauty certifications and 2x small business diplomas.


In 2020 I was approached by a client if I would consider training, it was from here that things just divinely took off and The Mindful Beauty Academy was built in what felt like overnight.

The training academy stands as a testament to my passion for empowering women and encouraging personal growth beyond just skill development.


With over 170 students trained and counting, I've created both in-person and online courses that push the conventional bounds of lash artistry. This academy is more than just a professional platform—it's my heart-project, created to not only share my technical expertise but to nurture self-worth, independence, and a resilient mindset in aspiring entrepreneurs.


Alongside lash artistry I have also been training to become a therapist and currently hold a degree in Psychology and am completing my Masters in Counselling. 


Drawing upon my background in psychology and holistic views, I've curated a transformative training experience, infusing elements of mindset coaching, empowerment, and holistic approaches into my teaching methods.


My mission extends far beyond teaching the art of lashes; it's about empowering woman to build businesses while nurturing their inner strength, confidence, and holistic well-being."

Mel Jay xo

Investment: $222

afterpay available when you pay in full or pay 12x weekly $18.50
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