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Inner child course

Do you struggle in relationships and find your connections with others are shaped by difficulties in trust, intimacy, or lack of communication?


Do you repeatedly find yourself in toxic relationships, and despite recognising the pattern, you feel stuck and unable to break free?

Did you experience a traumatic event(s) in your childhood, and though years have passed, you still grapple with anxiety and trust issues that impact your daily life and relationships?


Have you recently begun questioning your life's purpose and feel a deep desire to understand yourself better but find yourself battling with persistent self-doubt often second-guess yourself, doubting your worth and capabilities?


Do you emotional heaviness and carry emotional burdens that seem to have no clear origin, yet impact your daily life?


These could be signs that your inner child is calling out for attention and healing.


The Inner Child Course is here to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, offering a holistic approach to address and heal the root causes of your challenges.

This is for you if ...

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🫶 you're at the beginning stages of your healing or self-development journey

🫶 already on a healing journey but want to dive deeper

🫶 you're ready to build loving and intimate relationships

🫶 you're sick of traditional therapies and open to exploring holistic techniques for inner child healing

🫶 you're so ready to release emotional burdens

🫶 you want to create more resilience

🫶 you want to reconnect with your authentic self

🫶 you want to relieve mental health symptoms

🫶 you have low self worth and want to build it up 

The transformation you can expect after:

🫶 to have a deeper connection to your self

🫶 confidence and knowing in your self worth and value as the amazing human you are

🫶 creating loving and intimate relationships built on secure foundations

🫶 relief from unresolved emotions

🫶 at peace with the past

🫶 unapologetically putting your own needs first

🫶 confident applying boundaries

🫶 a new perspective on the past

🫶 embracing your authentic self with ease

🫶 feeling worthy and loveable

🫶 a complete change of your reality because of the deep ownership

What is this course?

Start on a journey of self-discovery with the Inner Child Course, a transformative and self-led experience created intentionally by me (Mel) to uncover and heal the wounds of your inner child.


This unique course is grounded with foundations of holistic and somatic techniques, surpassing conventional therapeutic approaches. It offers a safe, compassionate, and empowering space for deep healing to unfold.


Dive into the intricate layers of your inner child's emotions, beliefs, perspectives and patterns, gaining a clear understanding of how childhood experiences continue to shape your present self.


Guided by a holistic approach that incorporates mindfulness, somatic practices, and my own wisdom, this course provides a comprehensive toolkit for addressing the root causes of persistent inner child challenges.


With a focus on practical applications, you'll engage in exercises, journal prompts, and self-reflection, actively applying theoretical knowledge to real-life situations.


Empowering your healing journey with lifetime access, allowing you to progress at your own pace and revisit key insights or techniques whenever needed.


The Inner Child Course is not just a healing journey; it's an invitation to a holistic and transformative exploration of self, paving the way for a more resilient, authentic, and fulfilling life.

What to expect?

Foundational Understanding: Uncover the essence of your inner child and comprehend the profound impact of childhood experiences on your present self.

Healing Practices: Dive into guided exercises and practices designed to connect with, reflect on, and ultimately heal your inner child's deepest wounds and beliefs changing your perspective.

Holistic Integration: Embrace holistic approaches, including mindfulness and somatic practices for a balanced healing journey.

Practical Applications: Apply theoretical knowledge to real-life situations through 15 practical exercises taught in the course, journal prompts, and self-reflection.

Lifetime Access: Progress at your own pace with lifetime access, allowing you to revisit and reinforce your learning whenever needed.


  1. Understanding the Inner Child: Lay the groundwork by exploring the concept of the inner child in depth and its significance in shaping your emotional landscape and current beliefs and perspective

  2. Connecting and Reflecting with the inner child: Engage in exercises and practices to establish a deeper connection with your inner child, creating intimacy and understanding.

  3. Inner child healing: Learn and apply reparenting techniques and other holistic strategies to provide the care and support your inner child may have missed, forming a cornerstone for emotional healing and changing the beliefs imprinted in your subconscious mind.

  4. Integration: Explore sustainable techniques beyond the course duration, ensuring continuous growth and healing on your self-development journey.

  5. Bonus Resources: Enjoy additional resources, including a bonus meditation and a free replay of the Inner Child Masterclass.

Meet your facilitator

Hey there! I'm Mel, the heart and soul behind Mindful.


I am a devoted mother, partner, and entrepreneur, who has a passion for holistic wellness.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Social Anthropology, and currently pursuing a Master's in Counselling, my academic journey guides me in advocating for natural approaches to trauma and mental health, rooted in personal experience.

Mindful is my vision for a healing space where natural and modern systems align to support others in their journey to overcome addiction and unresolved trauma, offering affordable resources and services.

I'm a fierce advocate for natural wellness, embodying a lifestyle centered on plant-based nutrition, mindfulness, and a balanced mind, body, and soul.


I aim to bridge the gap between mainstream therapy and natural healing modalities, advocating for their integration into holistic wellness practices.

As a mother navigating the complexities of raising three beautiful souls, my personal journey fuels my commitment to holistic living, resilience, and continual growth.


Through this lens, I inspire and empower others to embrace a balanced, authentic life.

Welcome to my world



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