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Heal your business story

Unresolved trauma and limiting beliefs can cast a shadow over every aspect of your business, dimming its potential for growth and success. When left unaddressed, these internal barriers can manifest as self-doubt, fear of failure, and chronic patterns of self-sabotage, hindering your ability to take bold action and make empowered decisions. They may cause you to second-guess your worth, struggle to set boundaries, or find yourself trapped in cycles of procrastination and perfectionism. Moreover, they can erode your confidence, dampen your creativity, and block your path to achieving your goals. The impact of unresolved trauma and limiting beliefs is not only felt in your business operations but also in your overall well-being, affecting your mental and emotional health, relationships, and sense of fulfillment.

This is for you if ...
🫶 you feel overwhelmed by self doubt and imposter syndrome which stops you from taking action in your business
🫶 you can't launch any offers because you get swept away in perfectionism
🫶 feel like your not living to your full potential because you keep sabotaging yourself and don't know how to stop
🫶 you struggle to trust yourself and your intuition so take forever when making decisions 
🫶 you can't maintain motivation or productivity 
🫶 you struggle to attract ideal or aligned clients
🫶 the idea of showing up and marketing your business makes you feel sick
🫶 you are constantly comparing yourself to others
🫶 you find it difficult in pricing your offers because you don't feel valuable
If you're nodding along, you're not alone and you're in the right place.
Many beauty entrepreneurs like yourself face these challenges, and I'm here to tell you – 
it doesn't have to be this way.
The transformation this masterclass can empower:
🫶 discovering and releasing the root causes of limiting beliefs and self-sabotage patterns
🫶 gaining clarity on your business vision and purpose
🫶 embracing imperfection and learning to take imperfect action to move forward
🫶 develop decision-making skills and trusting your intuition to guide you
🫶 shifting your mindset from comparison to celebration
🫶 reconnecting with your passion and reigniting your sense of purpose in your business
🫶 an empowered shift in your mindset 

What's included in the masterclass experience

Are you tired of feeling stuck in your business, held back by self-doubt, and unable to break free from the cycle of self-sabotage?

If so, you're in the right place. This masterclass is designed specifically for entrepreneurs like you who are ready to rewrite their business story, release limiting beliefs, and step into their full potential. Through a blend of transformative techniques, practical strategies, and somatic-based healing, you'll experience an intentional practice that supports self-discovery and empowerment. Uncovering the root causes of your challenges will enable you to gain clarity on your vision and purpose, and embrace a new narrative for success.

Guided somatic process:

Guided Somatic Meditation led by Mel, experienced in somatic healing, this masterclass features a somatic meditation designed to release trapped energies and trauma stored within the body whilst gaining insight about your subconscious beliefs and unresolved wounds.

You will receive lifetime access to the masterclass.


Meet your coach

Hey there! I'm Mel, the heart and soul behind The Mindful Beauty Academy..


I am a devoted mother, partner, and entrepreneur, who has a passion for holistic wellness and all things beauty.

I built my own lash business Melibu Beauty Bar from the ground up with limited resources and limited beliefs in my capabilities. This business truely was more than just a business - it was crucial in helping me heal my unresolved childhood trauma, as I built this business up, I built myself up.

I created a successful beauty business within 2 years of launching and am now holding 13 specialised beauty certifications and 2x small business diplomas.


In 2020 I was approached by a client if I would consider training, it was from here that things just divinely took off and The Mindful Beauty Academy was built in what felt like overnight.

The training academy stands as a testament to my passion for empowering women and encouraging personal growth beyond just skill development.


With over 170 students trained and counting, I've created both in-person and online courses that push the conventional bounds of lash artistry. This academy is more than just a professional platform—it's my heart-project, created to not only share my technical expertise but to nurture self-worth, independence, and a resilient mindset in aspiring entrepreneurs.


Alongside lash artistry I have also been training to become a therapist and currently hold a degree in Psychology and am completing my Masters in Counselling. 


Drawing upon my background in psychology and holistic views, I've curated a transformative training experience, infusing elements of mindset coaching, empowerment, and holistic approaches into my teaching methods.


My mission extends far beyond teaching the art of lashes; it's about empowering woman to build businesses while nurturing their inner strength, confidence, and holistic well-being."

Investment: FREE!

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