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Lash Educator Program

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the desire to expand your lash career but unsure of where to start, you're not alone.


Many talented artists like yourself find themselves at a crossroads, desiring to transition into the field of education but lacking the guidance, knowledge and support to make it happen.


That's where this mastermind comes in.

Over the last 4 years I have successfully established myself as an industry recognised educator, with a unique and high level of teaching.


Over the next 12 weeks, using my experience and your vision we'll dive  into what it takes to establish YOU as a respected educator. 


Whether you're craving a more lucrative income stream or longing to take back your time and reduce your work hours, this mastermind is designed to equip you with the all the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to achieve your goals.


Together we'll establish you a thriving online educational platform, leveraging the comprehensive content of the Mindful Beauty Academy Lash Foundations course as your foundation.


With the resell rights to this invaluable resource, you'll gain access to over 130 modules intentionally created to empower your students with essential lash extension skills and knowledge. From foundational techniques to advanced concepts, every aspect of their training is covered, ready to be seamlessly integrated into your chosen platform.


By having these resell rights, you not only save valuable time but also fast-track your journey to profitability, allowing you to start generating income sooner.


As we dive deep into marketing and branding, you'll discover how to effectively showcase this wealth of content, setting yourself apart as a leader in the industry. 

Over the 12 weeks you will gain the knowledge and skills to customize our proven lash course curriculum to suit your unique teaching style, receive comprehensive guidance on selecting the right online platform, pricing your course effectively, and setting up convenient payment plans, learn advanced marketing strategies to attract students, establish your brand, and grow your online presence and acquire valuable coaching techniques, assessment methods, and tools to effectively support and mentor your students.

Is This Program Right for You?


✅ Already a certified lash artist

✅ You want to amplify not only your income but also your impact

✅ Want to learn how to diversify income streams and generate passive income

✅ Seeking a seasoned mentor that's upfront, honest, and results-driven

✅ You want to work less but increase your income

✅ The thought of creating an online course from scratch leaves you feeling overwhelmed?

✅ Want to align your love of lashes with purpose and fulfilment

Ready to make a meaningful impact by empowering aspiring lash artists

✅ Elevate the industry standards with other like-minded artists

✅ Committed to continuous growth and learning

If you're nodding along, because these resonate with you, then the Lash Educator Academy is your next bold step towards achieving your goals.

The transformation this program can inspire:
✅ Confidence as a industry leader and educator
✅ A clear and strategic plan for your business
✅ Crazy and insane growth in all areas of your business
✅ Learn how to maximise your income and generate new streams of income
✅ Reduced inperson workload giving you more time to do the things you love
✅ Confident in advanced marketing strategies that attract and enrol students

✅ Tools and strategies to support your students on their learning journey
✅ Automations and systems so you have more time doing what you love and less time on the admin
✅ Your students receiving results because of the high quality of learning resources they have access too
✅ Work fulfilment from the impact you make in the lives of others

What's included in your investment

Weekly Calls:

12 weeks of intensive training and support. These 1.5-hour themed calls covering essential topics followed by interactive hot seat coaching and Q&A sessions.


Ready to upload content:

Gain exclusive access to all the content for my signature Lash Foundations course, a goldmine of ready to go learning content and resources to upload to your platform of choice. Includes 41 ready to upload unbranded high quality video tutorials for Classics, Hybrids & Premade volumes, advanced lash styling modules, a 70 page editable unbranded lash manual, & more - all of this content gives you 123 foundational lessons in your academy, setting you apart ij the industry with a comprehensive course - you can check out the exact lash foundations learning schedule here

Customisable resources:

Access to all my resources, waiver forms and training manual with no branding so you can add your own.

Private group:

Need quick guidance or have burning questions between our scheduled calls? Reach out to the group via our private Facebook community.


Can;t make any of the live calls? No problem all our calls will be recorded and loaded up to a private platform where you will have 12 months access to.

Learning Schedule

Setting the Foundation

Introduction to the program, Overview of the Course Resell Rights, Understanding the Market Demand for Lash Education and Identifying Your Unique Selling Position as an Educator

Customizing the Course

How to Tailor Lash Foundations to Your Brand, Creating Additional Learning Resources and Materials and Incorporating Your Own Expertise and Techniques

Choosing the Right Online Platform

Comparing Different Online Learning Platforms, Setting Up Your Course Structure and Curriculum and Ensuring User-Friendly Navigation and Accessibility

Pricing Strategies and Payment Plans

Determining the Value of Your Course, Exploring Different Pricing Models and Implementing Effective Payment Plans to Maximize Sales

Marketing Your Course

Creating Compelling Marketing Messages, Leveraging Social Media and Email Marketing and Building Sales Funnels to Attract Potential Students

Coaching and Student Support

Developing Effective Coaching Strategies, Providing Ongoing Support and Feedback and Handling Student Queries and Concerns


Assessing Student Work

Establishing Clear Assessment Criteria, Providing Constructive Feedback and Maintaining Objectivity and Fairness in Evaluation


Building a Supplier Network

Identifying Reliable Lash Product Suppliers, Negotiating Wholesale Prices and Discounts and Ensuring Quality and Consistency in Product Selection

Sourcing Cost-Effective Kits

Creating Comprehensive Lash Kits for Students, Balancing Affordability with Quality and Tips for Streamlining Kit Assembly and Delivery

 In-Person Training Logistics

Planning and Organizing In-Person Training Sessions, Managing Logistics such as Venue, Equipment, and Materials and Creating Engaging and Interactive Learning Environments

Legalities and Agreements

Understanding Legal Requirements for Lash Educators, Drafting Training Agreements and Contracts and Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights

Scaling Your Education Business

Strategies for Scaling Your Lash Education Business, Exploring Additional Revenue Streams and Opportunities and Celebrating Your Growth and Success as an Educator


Meet your coach

Hey there! I'm Mel, the heart and soul behind The Mindful Beauty Academy..


I am a devoted mother, partner, and entrepreneur, who has a passion for holistic wellness and all things beauty.

I built my own lash business Melibu Beauty Bar from the ground up with limited resources and limited beliefs in my capabilities. This business truely was more than just a business - it was crucial in helping me heal my unresolved childhood trauma, as I built this business up, I built myself up.

I created a successful beauty business within 2 years of launching and am now holding 13 specialised beauty certifications and 2x small business diplomas.


In 2020 I was approached by a client if I would consider training, it was from here that things just divinely took off and The Mindful Beauty Academy was built in what felt like overnight.

The training academy stands as a testament to my passion for empowering women and encouraging personal growth beyond just skill development.


With over 170 students trained and counting, I've created both in-person and online courses that push the conventional bounds of lash artistry. This academy is more than just a professional platform—it's my heart-project, created to not only share my technical expertise but to nurture self-worth, independence, and a resilient mindset in aspiring entrepreneurs.


Alongside lash artistry I have also been training to become a therapist and currently hold a degree in Psychology and am completing my Masters in Counselling. 


Drawing upon my background in psychology and holistic views, I've curated a transformative training experience, infusing elements of mindset coaching, empowerment, and holistic approaches into my teaching methods.


My mission extends far beyond teaching the art of lashes; it's about empowering woman to build businesses while nurturing their inner strength, confidence, and holistic well-being."

Investment: $1700

12x weekly $141.67 or 24 x weekly $70.83 or 3x monthly $566.7 or 6x monthly $283.33 or 12x $141.67 monthly

Your investment in this 3-month mastermind program is more than a commitment; it's a strategic investment in the future of your business. Together, we'll transform your aspirations into tangible achievements. To make this transformative program accessible, private payment options and Afterpay are available. To ensure personalised attention and quality coaching there is only 6 spaces available for this exclusive live program opportunity , act swiftly to secure your spot. Earlybird pricing is $1700 full price is $2000 next mastermind begins in May 2024, enrolments open in April.


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