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Extended 12 month payment plans are now available - start your lash career for only $14 pw

Lash extension training

Certificate in Lash Extensions Foundations

Online certified lash extensions foundations and stying course.

Learn from anywhere at your own pace with my self - paced online Certified Beginners Lash Extension foundations course that will teach you how to create and safely apply beautiful sets of Classic, Hybrid and Volume lash extensions + a juicy wallet to go with them new skills!

The Certificate in Lash Extensions Foundations course is for the go-getters who want to hit the industry with a vault of knowledge, this certification teaches you not only the core foundations of lash extensions through intensive theoretical and practical study but you also learn how to confidently style extensions learning three techniques. You will be confident and knowledgable in safely and correctly creating beautiful Classic, Hybrid and Volume sets, becoming a Lash Master.

You will receive 12 months access to your course and ongoing support by Mindful to create a successful lash business.

My course is like no other certified extension course currently on the market in New Zealand, this course is filled with a wealth of knowledge and will teach you all you need to know to start your own successful lash business, all from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.
Not only will you learn correct application but you will also learn how to style eyes with different lash curls and how to choose correct weights to maintain the integrity and health of your clients natural lashes.

Mindful's training manual has been strategically broken down into 14 online modules with 111 lessons that include 57 detailed training videos that break each module down further in every day language. The Academy is always being updated and refreshed to ensure the teachings are current and upto date with industry trends and advancements.

This unique online experience feels just like your training in person with me and my humorous and authentic training style.

I have been immersed in the lash industry for over 6 years now and have been training students since 2020. I bring real life valuable experience to you from building and running a successful beauty and lash business.

Is this you?

✅ Desiring a flexible career that allows for work-life balance?

✅ Longing for a career that aligns with your passion for beauty and aesthetics?

✅ Always been a little bit beauty obsessed?

✅ Love making people look and feel good?

✅ A mama who wants more time with her babies without taking a pay cut?

✅ Your a woman who wants to increase earning potential without investing in expensive education?

✅ Maybe your looking for a flexible job that pays well around other commitments you have?

✅ You for sure what to work less BUT earn more?

✅ Are you currently unfulfilled in your current job?

✅ You like the idea of making a meaningful impact that empowers other women?

✅ Want to join a fun and vibrant industry?

✅ Ready to make 5k monthly without being a slave to your job?

✅ Want full and complete control over your work schedule?

✅ Deeper presence in all areas of your life?

✅ Want study that is flexible and you can do at your own pace?

If you're nodding along like fuck yes, then the Lash Foundations course is your next bold step towards achieving your goals.

The transformation this program can inspire


✅ Confident in Classics, Hybrids & Volume techniques
✅ The ability to safely and confidently work as a lash artist
✅ A clear vision for your business
✅ A flexible schedule supporting you to do more of the things you love
✅ On your way to earning 5k monthly in your business
✅ A 2x certified artist with a known and trusted academy
✅ Control over your income
✅ Presence in your life
✅ Having fun doing what you love everyday
✅ Empowering other women daily
✅ Meaningful connection and impact in not only your life but others
✅ Support to be the women or mother you desire because of the control you have over your schedule and earnings

The Foundations Learning Schedule, Expectations and Outcomes

Module 1: Welcome

Outcomes: Learning expectations, Lash Supplier list, Terms and conditions


Module 2: Anatomy

Outcomes: Learn about eye anatomy and hair structure. Become confident in understanding about lash growth and lash shedding.


Module 3: Hygiene, Health & Safety

Outcomes: Maintain a clean and safe work space, learn about professional ethics and contra-indications.


Module 4: The foundations of lash Styling

Outcomes: Learn how to assess the clients natural lashes and determine what lash extensions to apply to maintain the integrity of the natural lash. We also look at popular lash styles and how these look on different eye shapes, building your confidence in your artistry.


Module 5: Glue and Tweezers

Outcomes: Explore finding your dream tweezers and how to safely and correctly use and store lash extension adhesive.

Module 6: Consultation and Preparation

Outcomes: Learn how to deliver a client consultation, gathering information and how to strategically prepare your workspace for maximum ease for you and a great customer experience.


Module 7: Classic Technique & Application

Outcomes: Learn how to safely perform a complete Classic Lash Extension set and infill.

Assessments: 3


Module 8: Premade Volume Technique & Application

Outcomes: Learn how to safely and correctly perform a complete Volume set using premade volume fans.

Assessments: 2


Module 9: Hybrids Technique & Application

Outcomes: Learn how to safely style a Hybrid set.

Assessments: 2

Module 10: Removal

Outcome: Learn how to safely remove extensions


Module 11: Lash glue master edition

Outcome: Bonus module learning the ins and outs of lash extension adhesive


Module 12: Lets get down to business

Outcomes: we explore customer service, photo editing, social media and other bonus content to help you create strong business foundations.


Module 13: Certification

Outcomes: In your final module you will now work on perfecting your technique, building speed and confidence working on live models and submitting your final case study and exam to achieve certification.

Assessments: 2


To receive your certifications after making your way through the Certificate in Lash Extensions Foundations course content and assessments you will be required to complete 4x case studies on live models within your 12 month access, between each case study you will receive valuable feedback by me to support you and provide guidance to help you create beautiful and correctly applied sets to build a successful lash business.

At the end of your certification you will receive two seperate certificates:

Certificate in Lash Extensions Foundations - technique & application

Certificate in Lash Extensions Foundations - Classic, Hybrid & Volume lash styling


I want this course to be accessible to ALL woman who desire to learn lash artistry so I have a range of entry points to accomodate. Afterpay is available for all enrolments and I also offer interest free payment plans upto 6 months on all enrolment options.


Payment plans begin at $14 per week, please see below all Mindful Academy’s current enrolment offerings and pricing. 

To use Afterpay please click the pay in full option.



Payment Plans:
12x weekly $41.66, 3x monthly $166.66, 6x monthly $83.33

The entry enrolment is for 12 months access to the online course only, no kit is included. Entry is a good option if you have trained elsewhere but lacking confidence in your technique and already have the set up, or wanting to source your own products.

Included in your enrolment: Full certification upon completion, Added to MBB Close friends lists for students, Student Spotlight, 10% Student discount


Ready to enrol with access? Click your preferred payment option below to get started!

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The master enrolment includes 12 months access to the online course and a MBB masters kit that comes with all the tools & product you need to get started with classics, volumes & hybrids!

Included in your enrolment: Full certification upon completion, Added to MBB Close friends lists for students, Student Spotlight, 10% Student discount

Master Kit includes: Mannequin head, training lashes, practice pads, tweezers, lash shampoo, lash adhesive, lash tile, mascara wands, micro brushes, eye pads, lash tape, lash primer or lash bonder, air blower or fan, classic Lash Extension trays, volume fan trays & loose Volume fan trays.


Ready to enrol with Masters? Click your preferred payment option below to get started!



Payment Plans:
12x weekly $58,52x weekly $14, 3x monthly $234, 6x monthly $117, 12x monthly $58

Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • You will receive your onboarding email and access to your course or masterclass in The Academy immediately after payment is received

  • Your access period begins from the day you receive access to the The Academy

  • Your kit will arrive in approx 2 -3 weeks, tracking will be emailed once on the way.

  • Shipping times may vary during busier times of year and dependent on courier, this is outside of my control, I do my best to get it to you as fast as possible

  • Kit content may be subject to change depending on product availability, appropriate substitutions may be used at times

  • Certification must be completed within your access period, additional time can be purchased if this feels unachievable - contact must be made within 2 weeks of period ending if wanting to extend

  • Due to the nature of content - no refunds are provided

  • All payment plans are final, any unpaid plans will be referred to a debt collector where interest and additional fees will incur at your cost

  • Certifications are achieved once course is paid in full

  • If on a payment plan your kit is shipped after one month of payments has been received.

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