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Teeth Whitening Educator Program

Are you ready to expand your beauty career into teeth whitening education?


If you've ever felt the pull to become an educator but lacked the guidance and support to take the leap, you're not alone.

During the program, drawing from my extensive experience in the industry and your unique vision, we'll equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to establish yourself as a respected teeth whitening educator.

Whether you're seeking to boost your income or gain more flexibility in your schedule, this program is designed to help you achieve your goals.


Together, we'll build an online educational platform, leveraging the comprehensive content from Melibu Beauty Academy's Teeth Whitening Course as your foundation.

With full resell rights to this invaluable resource, you'll gain access to a wealth of modules (8), including training videos, manuals, and instructional materials, ready to be seamlessly integrated and uploaded  into your teaching platform.


By leveraging these resell rights, you'll not only save time but also accelerate your path to profitability, allowing you to start generating income within weeks.

Throughout the program, you'll learn how to customize the course curriculum to fit your teaching style, select the right online platform, effectively price your course, and set up convenient payment plans.


Additionally, you'll discover advanced marketing strategies to attract students, establish your brand, and expand your online presence.

By the end of this self led program, you'll have the skills and confidence to mentor and support your students on their teeth whitening journey, making a meaningful impact in their lives while growing your own business as a respected educator in the beauty industry and Melibu Beauty certified.

Limited spots available!

You´ve landed on this page for a reason..

These are some of the most common problems women have when they first enter my world.

Sound familiar?

You're currently grinding way too hard for your income and missing out on doing the things you love

You feel like your business growth is stagnant

You don't currently have a business but you know you don't want to be a slave too it

Your healthy work-life balance left the building long ago!

You see the digital world taking off but you have absolutely no idea where to start and feel overwhelmed so you avoid starting

Is this program for you?

Already in the beauty industry or want to be?

You want to amplify not only your income but also your impact

Want to learn how to diversify income streams and generate passive income

Seeking a seasoned mentor that's upfront, honest, and results-driven

You want to work less but increase your income

The thought of creating an online course from scratch leaves you feeling overwhelmed?

Ready to make a meaningful impact by empowering other women

Committed to continuous growth and learning

Be a certified and recommended educator with Melibu Beauty Academy

Maybe you don't want to start an online academy but you want ready to go resources and knowledge to support your inperson training.

If you're nodding along like fuck yes, then the Teeth Whitening Educator Program is your next bold step towards achieving your goals.

The transformation this program can inspire


Confidence as a industry leader and educator

A clear and strategic plan for your business

Crazy and insane growth in all areas of your business

Learn how to maximise your income and generate new streams of income

Reduced inperson workload giving you more time to do the things you love

Confident in advanced marketing strategies that attract and enrol students

Tools and strategies to support your students on their learning journey

Your students receiving results because of the high quality of learning resources they have access too

Work fulfilment from the impact you make in the lives of others

Next level learning content and resources that compliment your teaching style


The Teeth Whitening
Educators Program. 

Imagine compressing two years’ worth of growth and profit into a month. It’s not magic; it’s my intensive online educators program designed for entrepreneurs like you!!



I´m so glad you asked, let´s break it down...


60 minute masterclass showing you how to create your online platform

Full access to the teeth whitening course for certification if required

Ready to upload content for your course

Customisable resources

Suppliers details

30 minute course audit by me before you launch

I need this!

What's included in your investment

Immediate 12 months access:

Immediate access not only to your self led course content BUT also a 60 minute masterclass where I will educate you on learning platforms, marketing, branding, training agreements and payment systems so you can immediately get started creating your online academy.


Learn the theory behind teeth whitening so you can educate your students confidently.


Ready to upload content:

Gain exclusive access to all the content for my Teeth Whitening Course, a goldmine of knowledge in your very own 38 page manual with ready to go learning content and resources to upload to your platform of choice. Includes a ready to upload video tutorial performing the service - you can check out the exact learning schedule I teach here

Customisable resources:

Access to all my resources and training manual with no branding so you can edit to suit your branding..

Technician Certification:

You will gain access to the Melibu Beauty Academy technician certification course to complete

Self led: 

This program is completely self -led over 12 months, set up your academy at your own pace.

Suppliers details:

Learn how to make student kits and where to source products and machines with suppliers that I personally use.

Educators sample kit:

Access inside the program to a discounted products sample kit to get accustomed to the product. ($300).

Course audit:

Receive a complementary 30 minute zoom call with me where I will audit your course and give you tips on a successful launch.

Educator Certification:

Upon completion and launch of your course you will receive certification as an educator


Meet your coach

Hey there! I'm Mel, the heart and soul behind The Mindful Beauty Academy..


I am a devoted mother, partner, and entrepreneur, who has a passion for holistic wellness and all things beauty.

I built my own lash business Melibu Beauty Bar from the ground up with limited resources and limited beliefs in my capabilities. This business truely was more than just a business - it was crucial in helping me heal my unresolved childhood trauma, as I built this business up, I built myself up.

I created a successful beauty business within 2 years of launching and am now holding 13 specialised beauty certifications and 2x small business diplomas.


In 2020 I was approached by a client if I would consider training, it was from here that things just divinely took off and The Mindful Beauty Academy was built in what felt like overnight.

The training academy stands as a testament to my passion for empowering women and encouraging personal growth beyond just skill development.


With over 170 students trained and counting, I've created both in-person and online courses that push the conventional bounds of lash artistry. This academy is more than just a professional platform—it's my heart-project, created to not only share my technical expertise but to nurture self-worth, independence, and a resilient mindset in aspiring entrepreneurs.


Alongside lash artistry I have also been training to become a therapist and currently hold a degree in Psychology and am completing my Masters in Counselling. 


Drawing upon my background in psychology and holistic views, I've curated a transformative training experience, infusing elements of mindset coaching, empowerment, and holistic approaches into my teaching methods.


My mission extends far beyond teaching the art of lashes; it's about empowering woman to build businesses while nurturing their inner strength, confidence, and holistic well-being."

Mel Jay xo


Join today to get the bonus bundle

Content Revolution

(value $44)

Learn in depth how to grow your brand and attract students through your content learn more about content revolution here

Investment: $1200

12x weekly $100 or 3x monthly $400 or 6x monthly $200

Your investment in this program is more than a commitment; it's a strategic investment in the future of your business. Together, we'll transform your aspirations into tangible achievements. To make this transformative program accessible, private payment options and Afterpay are available. 

$200 discount when you pay in full or with Afterpay!!!
  • Do I have to be registered with an association?
    This is preference and not currently a legal requirement.
  • Is it legal in NZ to perform cosmetic teeth whitening?
    Yes non dental technicians are legally able to perform cosmetic teeth whitening once trained only using 12% strength or less.
  • Does this include a kit?
    Your enrolment does not include a kit but inside you have access to a discounted kit and access to all wholesale suppliers
  • Do I need to be a certified technician to enrol in this program?
    No experience is needed to enrol, we will train you to be a technician and educate you to become an educator
  • Do you help me edit my online platform?
    No, this course provides information on platforms and its up to you to upload the ready to go content
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